Sunday, December 29, 2013

Testing Embed of Google+ Posts in a Blog Post

Although I have a new WordPress blog set up so that it should have my Google+ posts available for people who might happen to come upon my content through my blog, the tool that was supposed to copy and maintain my G+ posts on my blog seems to have missed some of my most popular posts.  Fortunately there's now the ability to take at least those most popular ones and add the content into a blog post.

So let's try this out...

It works! Best of all, I think G+ users can interact with the G+ post directly on the blog... +1 it, comment, share. How cool is that?  I've tested it with WordPress as well:

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Best Photos of 2013

This image was developed (post-processed) in 2013, but exposed in 2012, so which year gets credit?
Around this time of year many photographers assemble their "Best of the Year" images. It's hard to pick favorites among so many amazing moments I experience in a year, let alone apply the added value judgement of "best".

So here are a few candidates. The 10 best? You decide!

Monitor Pass Sunset Sun RaysWater Vapor over BadwaterRim Fire in Yosemite, 116mmLight Painting in Badwater BasinPoconip at Topaz LakeMoon Beams Over Bodie
Moon in Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Rising Over Mono LakeLenticular Clouds at SunsetMilky Way over BodieSunrise Moon Set by Mt. WhitneyBreaking Morning FogSunset Beach at Sunrise
Twilight on The California CoastStorm Cloud Reflection at Valley ViewMerced River ReflectionFall Colors in California October 2013FloatingMono Lake Moonshine
Lenticular Cloud over Mono LakeComet PANSTARRS from Death Valley National ParkInto the Night

Best of 2013, a set on Flickr.
Here are a few more of them displayed large: