Bodie Night Photography Workshops 2015

Milky Way over Bodie's Standard Mill
May 2015 update:  Updates and registration have been moved over to my new blog, but you can see our 2015 Bodie workshop dates here:
  • Memorial Day Weekend May 24 - two workshops: morning interiors and sunset/night with light painting - moon sets as we're leaving, 1 am
  • June 13 - two workshops:  morning interiors and sunset/night with Milky Way - Milky Way rising along Bodie Butte at the end of astronomical twilight
  • July 11 - two workshops: morning interiors and sunset/night with Milky Way - Milky Way high, arcing diagonally into sky at the end of astronomical twilight
  • August 15 - two workshops: morning interiors and sunset/night with Milky Way - We may catch some Perseid meteors!
  • October 11-12 - two workshops: two sunset/night sessions with early sunset for maximum night hours 

Interior photography workshops in Bodie State Historic Park
Photograph Bodie with the locals

I've led photography workshops in Bodie on 21 days so far!  We live just up US-395, so we've been the leading provider of Bodie workshops by a wide margin over the 2012-2015 time frame, raising roughly $25,000 for the park in the first 3 years.

I've been visiting Bodie since the 1970s and continued visiting the Eastern Sierra for decades for photography, hiking, camping, fishing, and backpacking.  

My co-instructor Lori Hibbett led wilderness survival courses in the Eastern Sierra for 10 years through UCLA Extension with Ron Hood. Lori and I met in 2010, traveled to Turkey for a month, then moved to Topaz Lake in the Eastern Sierra, about 45 minutes north of Bridgeport.

More detailed and current information on our 2015 workshops is available on the Bodie photography workshop page on my new blog:

Here's a video I produced to show you how our Bodie night workshops went in 2012:


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