Sunday, July 13, 2008

Off to the Northwest!

Rachel the Pig, originally uploaded by Jeff Sullivan.

I finished moving out of my apartment a day late, and my legs were cramping from doing the equivalent of several thousand feet of vertical carrying things down from the third floor, but I finally hit the road.

My first photo stop upon entering Oregon was Silver Falls State Park. I arrived at 6am, too early for the quirky day use opening time of 7am. I stretched my legs with the short hike to North Falls and captured a few images.

Unfortunately I was still pretty disoriented from the days of packing and driving (and very little sleep), so I completely forgot to shoot the other falls that I intended to visit! No problem, it was a nice park and I'll be happy to revisit the next time I'm passing by.

My next subject in Oregon was Mt. St. Helens at dawn from Portland. I can sleep when I'm dead. Hopefully that attitude won't bring that about sooner rather than later!

Taking care of a few more move-out details via a wi-fi connection at a coffee shop, I left Portland with plenty of time to reach the "photowalk" group photo shoot in Seattle. Unfortunately commuters in Tacoma didn't know that I had an appointment to get to, so I arrived late adn missed the group. I did meet soem other attendees that had missed the group, so we had a very nice walk around town anyway.