Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Join Me in Yosemite Feb 28

Given current economic concerns, I'm going to try a novel concept for an upcoming workshop on Feb 28... attendee-specified pricing. We'll shoot Winter scenes around Yosemite Saturday 1-6pm, and hopefull catch Horsetail Falls backlit by the setting sun. Afterwards, you decide if it was valuable to you and consider a voluntary contribution proportional to what you felt you received.

For full details, to RSVP and to arrange carpools, see the event listing on Meetup.com.

Representative shots of Yosemite Valley and Horsetail Falls that we might find are included in my Yosemite gallery here.

I hope this concept works out. I'd love to offer a series of seminars like this as I travel around the Western United States this Spring, Summer and Fall!