Saturday, March 27, 2010

Joshua Tree Silhouette

Joshua Tree Silhouette, originally uploaded by Jeff Sullivan.

Just wrapped up the photoworkshop at Joshua Tree. Saw some returning customers who now seem like old friends, met some new ones who I hope to see again, and had a blast shootng from efore sunrise ultil after sunset... for eight days!

Normally we host a 3.5 day workshop, but this time we were flexible and let some people join us for the first half of the week when we normally get the instructors together to scout current conditions for a few days. The end result was like leading two back-to-back workshops. Fortunately we always seem to luck out adn have a great group. I love shooting with enthusiastic people who inspire me to greater levels of energy and creativity. I can't wait for Grand Teton and Yellowstone in late May/early June!