Sunday, September 15, 2013

Enrollment Open for Last Bodie Night/Interior Access for 2013

It's always a little touch and go trying to clear the fee hurdles to access Bodie State Park at night or to get escorted access inside the buildings, but enrollment has reached a point for October 12/13 where I can offer the sessions individually as well.  Doing both will be a bit of a marathon since we'll have the night session Saturday 6 pm - 1 am, then be right back at the front gate at 6 am for sunrise and access to interiors.  But the sun sets early so it's our night access with the longest period of darkness, and with the sun rising later we actually get to sleep in  a bit (if you can call it that at 6 am) to be back in time for sunrise.

The permanent description page for my Bodie workshops here on this blog has been updated:

Best of all, the Bodie Foundation is kindly discounting the back-to-back sessions a bit for this weekend, so forget about my typical prices of $325 each.  Enrollment buttons for either session ($295) or both ($545) appear on the front page of my blog: