Monday, March 11, 2013

Full Moon Rise at Mono Lake in January

When I arrived to shoot the full moon rise over Mono Lake in January, there were 4-5 carloads of photographers capturing the sunset, but none of them were there for the moon rise.  Having planned the shot in advance using +The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE), I told them to stick around for another 10 minutes. 
It was fun hanging out with +Amy Heiden +Tran Mai and +Lori Hibbett in the Mono Basin for the day.  There was fog on the lake all the way through 3 pm, but fortunately it cleared just in time for the moon rise.  When we arrived at the Old Marina site +Blair Pountney joined us.  He had seen my notes on the coming moon rise last week and drove up from Bishop.  Then we ran into +Travis Theune and +Schmoo Theune of Smugmug, so we had a fun little group of photographers gathered, from various parts of the state!

I captured about 400 images, enough for this time-lapse video I had problems with a light tripod in the intermittent gusty wind which developed, so the result is pretty funny.  After the moon rise, Amy, Tran, Lori and I went on to shoot into the night by the light of the full moon, so check their streams in the coming days for night snowy landscape shots. I decided that meeting Travis and Schmoo was a great reminder to update my Mono Lake gallery on +SmugMug (I'm not as diligent about that as I should be), so if you're curious to see more of my work from Mono Lake, here's the link to that gallery, where you can see a larger copy of this image.

Mono Lake moon rise January 2013.  See a larger copy (or buy prints) on SmugMug.

If you'd like to plan your own sunset full moon rise shots, here's my blog post on planning to shoot sunset moon rise events using TPE:

Put Sunset Full Moon Rise Dates on your Calendar

Here's one of my blog posts on creating time-lapse videos:

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Thanks to astronomer +Philip Plait for blogging about my moon rise coverage on his +Bad Astronomy blog on +Slate magazine.  He provides a nice diagram explaining this "Belt of Venus" pink over blue light that you get at Mono lake after sunset: Moon Rise over an Arsenic Lake.

In the past he featured the sunset thunderstorm I caught in early 2012, as well as my lunar eclipse timelapse video on his Bad Astronomy blog on +Discover Magazine.

He also featured the Perseid meteor shower in 2008 shot in California's Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest:

The Perseids, Writ Large

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