Tuesday, October 01, 2013

How Does Twitter Integrate with Photo Sharing and Social Media Networks?

Twitter is known for being a major social media network for the cable broadcast television industry, and I've had good success seeing some of my more interesting videos posted to +YouTube  go viral with the help of people tweeting about them.

According to Twitter, the appearance of tweets embedded in blogs has been improved:

Rich photo experience now in embedded Tweets

I've tweeted photos from various networks in recent days, and I'll use Twitter's generated code to embed a few examples here.

First, lets see how a photo tweeted from Flickr embeds here in a blog:
And a Flickr photo shared to Tumblr, then tweeted from there:
Now let's try 500px:
How does Facebook do?
What about Facebook's Instagram?
And now a picture uploaded directly to Twitter:
How about video? Here's one of my videos recently popular on Vimeo:
Now a video shared from YouTube:
How about URL shorteners, do they affect results? Here's a Flickr photo shared via Bit.ly:
At first I see no photos at all, and the same thing happens on my WordPress blog, but it seems that the Twitter posts just take a while to render on a blog..

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