Thursday, November 07, 2013

Death Valley National Park

I'll be in Death Valley with a client November 17-19, 2013 if anyone would like to join us. I'm also looking at potential dates for early December.

For 2014 I'm working on the schedule and permit renewals, stay tuned for dates.

Exploring the DesertLight Painting in Badwater BasinLight and Patterns on the DunesThe Racetrack at Death ValleySkeleton of an Inland SeaCharcoal Kilns at Night
Sunset HaloSand SnakeLavalithDeath Valley SunsetMoving RocksWhere Winds Collide
Arch and StarsWeather in the DesertLong, Hot RoadClimbing Z DunesHarmony Borax Works at NightStar Tunnel
Pools of LightRGB UFOs (wow, over 1400 Flickr favorites, thanks!!)Blue OrbTaste of FreedomChasing Rocks and LightAlpha Dune
Death Valley National Park, a set on Flickr.