Friday, January 01, 2016

Top 10 Travel Photos: 2010

Mono Lake Sunrise
Mono Lake Sunrise, June 4, 2010 
Continuing the retrospective look at my last decade of travel and landscape photography, 2006 - 2015.  Here are some of my favorites from 2010.

Part-way into the year I found a publisher for the California landscape photography site guide I had started, and scope expanded to include all of Southern California from Mono Lake and Yosemite south! In 2015 it became available as "Photographing California Vol. 2 - South".  Stay tuned for more guides in the near future!

Dawn at Thousand Island Lake, Sierra Nevada, still with a lot of snow in mid-July
Sierra Nevada Fall Colors
Eastern Sierra Fall Colors, October 2010
Windy Day on the Dunes
Windy Day on the Dunes, Death Valley National Park, California
Valley View in Pink II
Valley View in Pink II, Yosemite National Park. Outdoor Photographer Magazine's calendar background image for July
Sometimes Little Things Make All The Difference
Jet and Shadow on Eureka Dunes, Death Valley National Park
First Light on Carson Peak
First light on Snow-capped Carson Peak, Eastern Sierra
Moving Rocks on the Racetrack: Mystery Solved
Illuminating the "Sailing Stones" on The Racetrack, Death Valley
Weston Cove Sunset
Weston Cove Sunset, California Coast
Early Morning Calm
Early Morning Calm, High Sierra
This was a selection of a few favorites from an album of over 50 photos from 2010. To see more of them, as well as some of my road trip itineraries, click on the link or album photo below.

Over 50 of my favorite photos from 2010:

2010 Favorites

Semi-finalist Images/Moments/Experiences
Not being much of a fan of limits or rules, I'll show a couple of my favorite international travel photos, and also offer my favorite photos from family expeditions, including the growing photography interests of Nicole and Thomas Sullivan:

Death Valley Dune Hike
Thomas on a Death Valley Dune Hike
Eastern Sierra Wild Iris
Nicole was filmed for the movie Timescapes (seen here in Big Meadow near Bridgeport, Mono County)

Thomas with his first digital camera, 2010
I won a couple of Samsung digital cameras in monthly +Samsung USA  ( contests in 2010, and those cameras helped my kids get into photography.

Thomas now has one of his Milky Way photos on the cover of a book of winners in the annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest, an international contest conducted by the Royal Observatory, Greenwich (home of Greenwich Mean Time: GMT).

Nicole with her first digital camera, 2010
One of Nicole's night images won 2nd place in the annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year contest, an international contest conducted by the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. The Royal Observatory hired a film crew from Los Angeles to interview Nicole for 7 hours to produce this profile video:

Nicole later entered a photo in the California State Fair, entirely on her own initiative and effort from concept through execution and submission, and she won top honors in the Under-18 category.

Nicole currently has a part-time job as a photographer that helps her cover college expenses, and she volunteers at the local SPCA, including producing photographs of shelter animals, so they can be posted on Facebook for adoption.

Sultanahmet Mosque at Sunset
Sultanahmet Mosque, AKA the Blue Mosque, at Sunset in Istanbul
Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia, church turned mosque turned museum, can fit Notre Dame inside under its dome!
Blue Boat at Sunrise
Blue Boat at Sunrise, Selimye Harbor, during a blue water cruise of  the (literally) Turquoise Coast
While my focus turned decidedly towards California from 2011-2014 as I researched sites for my upcoming book, I'm excited that its completion in 2015 leaves me with a world of opportunity for 2016!