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Top 10 Travel Photos: 2012

Mid-October, 2012, about a week before a storm dropped 3 feet of snow on the Sierra Nevada.
First Strike
I was out camping to catch the Lyrid meteor shower in April, and this storm started as I was cooking dinner on the campfire!
Continuing the retrospective look at my last decade of travel and landscape photography, 2006 - 2015.  Here are some of my favorites from 2012. My second full year covering Southern California for my guidebook "Photographing California Vol. 2 - South, A guide to the natural landmarks of the Golden State", I still had an absurd amount of ground to cover for the book.

Moon Rise Behind Half Dome
I pursued a lot of astrophotography in 2012, including many moon-landmark alignments, which change every year
In the Pre-Dawn Mist
These fishermen didn't even see the coyote on the beach behind them!
Starry Night over Bodie Church
In 2012 I started my night photography workshops in the authentic Wild West "ghost town" of Bodie. Join us this year!
Eclipse Moon Set Under Belt of Venus
This alignment I anticipated weeks in advance was photographed from over a dozen miles away.
Twilight at Mono Lake
Sometimes the soft  light of twilight can be better then the adjacent sunrise or sunset!  Mono Lake.
Lake Tahoe Winter Sunrise
Lake Tahoe in sunrise light
Storm Light at Bodie State Historic Park
Bodie during golden hour, after the park visitors have left and we have the place entirely to ourselves!
Venus Transit of the Sun, from Earth
Everyone was going to shoot Venus crossing in front of the sun, but I added earth to the composition as well!
This was a selection of a few of my favorites from an album of over 50 photos from 2012, so there are many more that you might prefer over these. To see more of them, click on the link or album photo below.

More of my favorite photos from 2012:

2012 Favorites

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