Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yosemite Valley, Labor Day Weekend

I went camping in Yosemite National Park over Labor Day weekend and swam in the plunge pools under several of the valley's waterfalls. One in particular stood out. There's little water left in this creek at this time of year, and I found a relatively secluded alcove near where the natural shower was falling. I had a flat rock in the sun, adjacent shade nearby for refuge as needed, and there was just enough water falling to cool off in the refreshing spray.

Reaching this spot one night about 30 minutes before sunset, I watched the light from the setting sun creep up the face of Half Dome. The other swimmers who had been enjoying the pool left, but I was able to stay since I had brought a headlamp for the return trip. As I flyfished for the next 20-30 minutes under the remaining alpenglow, the nearly-full moon rose over Glacier Point, bathing the scene in bright, pale light. Although the air started to get crisp, the rocks were radiating the heat they had been absorbing all day, so I was completely comfortable in my bathing suit.

With the calm pool, waterfall, sunset and moonrise, in perfect weather, this was one of the most romantic settings I've ever been in.

Next time I'll have to bring someone!


Photos from the trip: